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Hi, my name is Andreas and i am working in the Graphics Industry since more than 30 years. Very early in my youth, i came into contact with art.  This changed my life dramatically and opened up suddenly unimagined new worlds and paths.
I started my artistic career as an independent airbrush artist in the late 80s. That Times I was working exclusively on commissioned work. In 1993 i boght my first Apple Macintosh. Since then, I use MACs along with Wacom Tablets and Software like Photoshop and Corel Painter for my work. As a Graphic Designer and Art Director I worked for decades for various companies and publishing houses as well as a freelancer. With this long-term work experience in the background, these days  i only develop my own work of art.


Thank you for your interest in my art! For all inquiries regarding art commissions, workshops, licensing and any other professional requests please contact: daspengla(at)
If you are interested in obtaining a print that is not currently available in my online store please send an email along with a picture of the image you are interested in to the same email-adress.
I would be very happy about feedback from you.
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