Who are you? (who-hooo, who-hoo-hooo!)

My nickname is PIXel ARTist daSpengla and this site is run by myself. All the available prints on this site are created in-house by myself.

For more information go to the About Section.

Why do you sell the items you sell?

Time is my most valuable possession that i have and making art is the best use of my time. I sell my art so I can buy back more of my time that I will spend making more art. I love when you buy my art because it is what enables me to create more art for you and the world to enjoy.

How do you determine the prices?

Prices are based on creating a sustainable equation that covers the price of equipment, ink, paper and the labor it takes to make these prints available. In order to be able to continue creating my art independently, it also needs a little financial stability.

What does Limited Edition mean?

A „Limited Edition“ is a piece of art which is hand signed and numbered by the artist in the form (eg): 04/20. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints the artist will print of that image. The lower the second number is, the more valuable and collectible the limited editions are. Each limited edition print will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that details the number of the print in the edition, as well as the signature, an original thumbprint of PIXel ARTist daSpengla and a unique number inside a holography in order to avoid any counterfeit prints.

What kind of printer do you use?

Prints are created using a Canon-IPF printer of the last generation. In my 25 years as a digital artist I have seen tousends of prints from a variety of different machines. I did years of research before investing in these printer. I use inks guaranteed to last over 100 years. We use an individual daily color calibration process for consistent color quality. The prints look awesome.

Will the prints be stretched?

Shipping costs for stretched canvas can rival the costs of materials. Therefore we choose to ship canvas prints unstreched, with 4 cm borders. Your local frame shops can professionally stretch and frame prints.

What if I want a different Size for my Fine Art Print?

I do create custom-sized prints. If there is something you would like but the size you want is not available in my store, please email daspengla(a) For any special requests we will send you a bid estimate of costs.

What tools do you use to create your art with?

Most of my work is created on Apple computers. I use an large Wacom tablet and pen. The main software is Photoshop CC2015 and Corel Painter 2017.


Is a modern term for large format, artistic fine art prints made on high-end inkjet printers.

Giclée is commonly used for high-resolution, large-format printing on inkjet printers with light dye or pigment-based inks. In these prints, usually six to twelve different color inks are used.

What methods of payment are accepted?

International Payments can done with your PayPal-Account, with Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bank Transfer.

In Europe we also accepting „Sofort Überweisung“.

What payment security do you have?

We have a full SSL-Certificated Site.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Most items ship in 2 weeks or less.  If you have an event, birthday, or special occasion and you require the print to arrive at a specific time please make sure to let me know.

Unsigned prints can ship out within a few days, However, when signature is important to you and in case i am traveling at the time i receive your order i will have to ask for your patience.

How do I return / exchange items?

Simply send us an email to inform us. Then send it back.

How do I download a product?

You can not download a single track on this site.