Participation at the Luxembourg ART Prize 2016

Participation at the Luxembourg ART Prize 2016
1. Juni 2016 PIXel ARTist daSpengla

This Year i am participating at the The Luxembourg Art Prize with three of my works.

The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international competition aiming to discover talents, amateur or professional, regardless of age and nationality. The ambition of the Prize is to accelerate the careers of unknown artists by providing them with professional art gallery space, first as part of a group exhibition showcasing the finalists for the Prize and then as a solo exhibition for the winner.

Galerie Hervé Lancelin is a contemporary art gallery in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It was founded by a man who has had a passion for art for nearly 50 years and is one of Europe’s principal contemporary art collectors. Hervé Lancelin has been collaborating for years with Europe’s biggest museums and maintains special relationships with them.

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